An institution with a special atmosphere of kindness, respect and development of the new generation

We use modern approaches and world leading experience of the flagship countries : Canada , Finland and Singapore .

  • We encourage students to learn throughout their lives and love learning
  • We form quality knowledge and skills We provide comprehensive knowledge and skills
  • We learn to use knowledge in practice
  • We reveal the potential of each child – we create a situation of success
  • We develop emotional intelligence and flexible skills
  • We give preference to information technology and learn to use all the technical capabilities of the modern world
  • We develop and improve basic skills , delve into scientific activities
  • We create a special environment where we reveal talents
  • We learn to apply theory in practice
  • We provide an opportunity to develop social , emotional and intellectual spheres of personality
  • improving digital orientation

4 educational foundations of the Academy

We ensure the diverse development of our students because we maintain a balance between the humanities and technical sciences , emotional intelligence and technological development.

  • Science
    • Biology + chemistry + physics + astronomy + applied mathematics = a comprehensive approach to the study of natural phenomena and the acquisition of skills
    • We use a cross – disciplinary approach
  • Languages

    System English daily :

    • academic classes ;
    • bilingual lessons ;
    • support of an English-speaking tutor , which provides systematic communication in English ;
    • teaching English subjects “Mathematics” and “Science” with a native speaker

    Languages to choose from : German , French , Spanish

  • Technologies
    • STEAM development
    • Gamification
    • multimedia technologies
    • web design
    • robotics
    • lego education
    • 3D modeling
    • programming
  • Emotional intelligence
    • We implement the international SEEN program ( social – emotional and ethical training )
    • We learn to recognize our emotions and manage our emotional state
    • We develop skills in feeling and understanding other people’s emotions
    • We are working out the basics of environmental cooperation

Our teaching methods

Working on projects gives children the opportunity to fulfill their ideas and potential .

Working together makes students more open , ready to make contact .

Children learn to work with each other in microgroups and solve different problems , set the right goals and be inspired by the results .

Learning is based on understanding the work and features of the child’s brain .
We develop the left and right hemispheres equally , due to which connections are formed between them .

We pay special attention to the development of analytical centers and neural connections .

Understanding how a child’s brain works helps us create an effective environment where the child will develop in the best possible conditions .

Immersion in learning on the principle of the research cycle .

We fulfill the state standard , using modern approaches and the world leading experience of the flagship countries : Canada , Singapore , Finland .

Developed network of educational studios in the fields of sports , science , technology , art , art , design , leadership and entrepreneurship , financial and economic literacy , cooperation and the basics of marketing .

All knowledge is close to life , and skills are acquired easily and organically .

We take into account the peculiarities of the cognitive activity of each student and the individual pace of learning .

Focusing on personal indicators , we form an individual educational trajectory for students and select individual methods for effective learning and results .

Each child has their own educational coach - a mentor who inspires by their own example

In order for each student to have a "best senior friend" , the academy has an "Institute of Educational Coaching" .
Every student democratically chooses their educational teacher - a coach who has close interests with them and with whom they are most comfortable to cooperate emotionally .

What does an educational coach do?

  • Makes an individual educational trajectory of personal development of the child .
  • Provides competent support : notes the personal achievements of students and helps to cope with situations in which the student feels insecure .
  • Asks questions in such a way that the student makes the right choice in favor of positive development .
  • Helps to cope with situations that cause emotional experiences inherent in adolescence .
  • Maintains qualified and effective communication with parents and provides advice to increase the level of positive cooperation .

The relationship between the student and the coach is based on trust and mutual respect , so each student feels as safe as possible .

Why you will love Nest Academy

's learning and development so that they feel happy and smart . So you can rest easy , trusting your children to us !

Individual educational plan

The program of the first half of the day is fundamental and develops basic academic skills . The afternoon program focuses on the specifics of students ‘ learning , their interests , support for the natural abilities of each child and their individual support .


We have our own guarded territory , a sports ground with video surveillance .

The premises have a air-conditioning system , fire and burglar alarm .

Space for development

Motivating and inspiring space , where everything is thought out to the last detail .

The total area is 800 m 2, which houses 12 classrooms , laboratories and Open Space, comfortable furniture , individual lockers .


Occurs according to the latest technological developments : computers , tablets , robotic kits , equipped workshop and art space – all this is available to your child

Control and communication with parents

Each parent has their own office in the School Today system, which has the following functions : management of educational activities and achievements of the child , organization of food and group activities , success diary , efficient and fast communication with teachers and administration , recording personal meetings and conversations .


Teaching in two languages : Ukrainian and English .

Bilingual program from the 2nd grade . English language studies .

International internship programs .

Menu and food

We prepare balanced delicious lunches in our own kitchen .

We take into account the peculiarities of each child’s diet : vegetarian , gluten -free , lactose-free menu .

Portrait of our student

We develop the following qualities in our students , because we believe that they will help children build a harmonious , successful and happy life

  • Conscious
    I am unique , I have my own character and behavior .
    I am a person .
    I try to make the right choice .
  • Caring
    I care about others and the environment
  • Tolerant
    I know we are all different , and I see others as they are .
  • Thinker
    —— I'm interested in big ideas .
    I like to ask questions .
    I solve various problems and make effective decisions .
  • Communicator
    I like to talk about my ideas and I can express my opinion both orally and in writing .
    I have effective communication skills .
    I know several languages .
  • Creative
    I use my imagination and my own ideas .
  • Researcher
    I am interested in the world around me .
    I'm curious .
    I know how to find answers to my questions .
    I like to learn by conducting experiments .
  • Happy
    I like to learn and get to know the world around me .

Skills we want to cultivate

The ability to explore how the world works and ask the right questions
The ability to create new ideas and put them into practice
Critical thinking
The ability to analyze information and ideas , to formulate objective judgments
Ability to communicate
Ability to express one's thoughts and feelings clearly and confidently using a variety of the means available
The ability to work constructively with others
The ability to empathize with others and act accordingly
Self -control
The ability to establish a connection with your inner world and achieve a sense of harmony
Civic consciousness
The ability to interact constructively with society
Practical life skills

The curriculum consists of :

State educational standard - NUS , elements of the program "ROSTOK" and "Intellect of Ukraine"
PYP (IB World) is a program for primary school
SEEN is a program of social - emotional and ethical training
Environmental education ( "Green Package" program corresponding to the " Concept of Sustainable Development " )

Optional studios and courses

The school has more than 15 studios in all areas for the full development of the child .
We respect everyone's choices and monitor progress . If a child intends to change the studio , we always offer a full-fledged alternative .
Thus , the child has an exciting full-time job .

English Drama
The study is aimed at developing communication skills and developing communication skills in English .
We sing , transform into famous and beloved characters , play contact games - and all in English .
you with us
English Fun
The studio aims to create an English-speaking atmosphere through video content viewing , discussion and communication .
We practice games and maximum exercises to develop English speaking skills .
Cooking ART
We cook a variety of dishes , communicate in English, and acquire culinary skills with friends in the school canteen .
We have a great opportunity to have a fun and informative time with friends .
Creativity is an important way of a child's self-expression , an opportunity to get positive emotions from the process and the result in an interesting way . We master various drawing and construction techniques , implement design solutions .
Music Band
Music and singing is not just an opportunity to develop your vocal abilities , but also to get a lot of positive emotions , to unload at the end of the day
Bead Design
The skills this studio develops are invaluable !
Imagine creating designer jewelry or beautiful things from these beautiful little beads , children are immersed in a special atmosphere of their fantasies !
Modern Dance
Dance is not just entertainment , it is an art that allows you to develop the skills of feeling your own body , flexibility .
Through beauty and grace to meet the needs of brain activity .
Modern Dance Studio is a combination of modern and classical dances . I wonder ? Try it !
Parle France
France is a country of fairy-tale romance, inspiration and love, fresh aromas and an atmosphere of sophistication .
Traveling in France always leaves a mark of happiness in each of us .
And what if France is closer than we think ?
For example , at the Parle France studio ?
Speak German and assert your desire to achieve diplomatic skills !
Visiting countries where this language is native is the desire of a modern child who wants to be successful !
Germany is getting closer with the evening studio "German language"
Business - First Start Up School
School of Business and Entrepreneurship , Leadership Development and Effective Partnership .
During the course, students work in a playful , accessible and interesting way in the following areas :
- basics of strategy and search for innovations , - basics of marketing and promotion of goods and services from producer to consumer ;
- basics of financial and tax literacy ;
- teamwork skills , basics of team building ;
- prepare their own business projects that will take part in the festival of children's innovative ideas
First of all, chess develops a child's memory and attention .
When choosing a course, independence in decision-making is formed , intuition and creative thinking are developed .
To achieve the goal - to beat the opponent - the child needs sports skills : endurance and perseverance . We invite you to visit the evening chess studio .
Everyone knows that children need attention and publicity . Using the example of their famous peers , who became famous on the Internet - platforms , children seek recognition , which is easiest to achieve through social networks .
At the video blogging studio, we develop the skills of Self Promo development, reveal the potential of performing on camera , learn to find and create unique content
Team sport - dynamic and adventurous , develops endurance , agility , coordination , speed of reaction and ability to work in a team .
Acting is not only about performances and performances on stage - it is also about interaction , development of emotional skills , the ability to improvise, assume roles and reveal their potential , but also an incredible feeling during a real theatrical performance .
We invite you to visit the studios .
Every session in the IT-SMART studio is designed to inspire and learn through action becomes an interesting learning process .
Programming , the basics of gamification and coding are what fascinate students and provide tools for a successful personality .
Brazilian Jiu - Jitsu
Brazilian Jiu - Jitsu is a contact sport studio that combines elements of martial arts , sports training and elements of self-defense .
Training is based on a classic program , the task of which is to develop physical strength , endurance , to develop willpower .

Our teachers

We have gathered a team of real professionals , highly qualified specialists , innovative and inspired teachers - like-minded people who care about the needs of each child . Why are they better ? They are the ones who are called agents of change !

INNOVATORS - they develop their programs , experiment with methods , feel the capabilities and needs of each child and provide quality support to children ;
- reflect , analyze and know how to choose the best .

FACILITATORS - they organize and support the learning process so that children learn with interest and can draw their own conclusions .

COACHES - they know how to ask motivating questions correctly .
In this way, the student makes a conscious choice and chooses what contributes to their maximum personal growth .

EXPERTS - know WHY and WHAT they are talking about .

COACHES - form , practice and consolidate skills .

TEACHERS - help students to transfer the acquired knowledge into practice , encourage reflective practice .

MANAGERS - plan , test , make suggestions to the learning process - thereby improving learning activities .

CONSULTANTS - Share knowledge , skills , develop abilities and create success situations for each student .

RESEARCHERS - constantly study new educational trends , acquire new skills of teaching today’s children .

Mrs. Yaroslava
CEO , founder and author of Nest Education
Marichka Novikova
Executive Director , teacher of the subject "Science" of the first qualification category
Tatiana Golubtsova
Another class teacher
Elena Gripa
First grade teacher
Irina Prokopchuk
Third grade teacher of the second category , English teacher
Alla Medvedkova
First category music teacher , tutor , head of the MUSIC BAND studio .
Svetlana Yevlan
English teacher
Olena Poberezhna
Tutor , Head of English Fun Studios
Igor Kopieikin
Teacher of Informatics and Mathematics , Head of IT Smart Studio
Alina Panchenko
Second language English teacher , head of the English Drama and German language studios , mentor of the academy students
Julia Loginova
Customer Service Manager
Mrs. Yaroslava
CEO , founder and author of Nest Education
Marichka Novikova
Executive Director , teacher of the subject "Science" of the first qualification category
Education :
Donetsk National University . In . Stusa , Faculty of Biology , specialty - teacher of biology and ecology .
Training is organized on the basis of " Empowerment pedagogy" - training in action and for action . Always result-oriented , constantly improving its managerial and pedagogical skills through international educational trips and All-Ukrainian events . She specializes in educating the leadership qualities of her students . She sees the development of modern students only in a democratic school , where everyone feels their importance and uniqueness . Achievements : Teacher of the Year - 2012 in the nomination " Biology ". More than 20 students became the winners of the regional and All-Ukrainian stages of the competitions of the Academy of Sciences , Olympiad and won the first positions in the rankings of external evaluation in Kyiv , successfully entering foreign educational institutions . Pedagogical credo : School is a story " about the child and for the child "! School is a space of opportunities ! The task of a modern teacher is not to pass on his or her own or broadcast someone else's experience , but to respect the right to the uniqueness of each student's own judgments , in the midst of which the universe of desires and skills is vast . And every child loves to learn and explore this world !
Tatiana Golubtsova
Another class teacher
Education :
Education : A graduate of Nizhyn State Pedagogical University . M. _ Gogol and Pryluky Pedagogical School . And . I am . Frank . Participant of the Ed Era course - "Learning to live together" .
She is a mentor of the winners of All-Ukrainian interactive competitions and Olympiads . She actively uses game and project technologies in lessons . She is able to find an individual approach and interest each student . The secret of her pedagogical skills is the ability to "teach with the heart" - to hear , feel and see each child with their educational needs and desires .
Elena Gripa
First grade teacher
Education :
A graduate of Kyiv National University named after T. Mr. _ Shevchenko
Actively uses game technologies and methods of "immersion in research" in lessons . Ms. Olena feels the needs of every child and knows how to find her way to all her students through respect for each person's personality . Pedagogical credo : Everyone should not stop there and be grateful for every victory !
Irina Prokopchuk
Third grade teacher of the second category , English teacher
Education :
She graduated from Vinnytsia Pedagogical University . Kotsyubynsky , received her second higher education at the National Pedagogical University . M. _ Драгоманова . In 2020 , she completed an internship in Cyprus , Xenion School, mastering the Jolly Phonics program.
Ms. Iryna is modern , creative , so her lessons are always interesting and inspiring . Her students learn by researching and gaining new knowledge with great pleasure . Pedagogical credo : Education is a big thing that decides a person's destiny .
Alla Medvedkova
First category music teacher , tutor , head of the MUSIC BAND studio .
Education :
A graduate of Pereyaslav - Khmelnytsky State Pedagogical University . Mr. _ Frying pans . She specializes in playing the piano and flute .
Ms. Alla, together with her students, independently creates musical instruments from improvised materials . So her students don't just love music - they are immersed in a special atmosphere where every sound can be felt and lived . Among her students are winners and prize-winners of numerous district and city competitions . She sees her pedagogical mission in choosing a " nomination " for each student in which they can be a winner .
Svetlana Yevlan
English teacher
Education :
She graduated from Nizhyn State Pedagogical University . M. _ Gogol (2003 - 2008), has a teaching method for the international program Helen Doron (Teacher Training Cources).
She does not teach in his lessons , but is fascinated by English through play . The teacher is sure that every child will speak when they feel the language and can "touch" it . That is why in her classes students constantly interact with each other and are in an environment that is comfortable for them . She learns by teaching , understands and respects the interests of the child .
Olena Poberezhna
Tutor , Head of English Fun Studios
Education :
She graduated from Vinnytsia State Pedagogical University . Mykhailo Kotsyubynsky, specialty "Teacher of English and Ukrainian language , Ukrainian and foreign literature . »
Ms. Olena accompanies the educational process on the basis of mutual respect and indifference to the needs of each child . Students sincerely trust her and respect her for her open position and willingness to help . Pedagogical credo : " The task of a teacher is not just to love children , but to help them understand their essence , find a purpose , discover the light in themselves "
Igor Kopieikin
Teacher of Informatics and Mathematics , Head of IT Smart Studio
Education :
Kharkiv National Pedagogical University named after G. S. _ Frying pans (2013), Borys Hrinchenko University of Kyiv (2019).
Mr. Igor researches and actively applies educational trends in his lessons , always looking for non-standard formats and creative solutions in the organization of educational activities . The teacher's fascination with the world of information technology inspires students to create interesting educational games and to study programming . Mr. Igor always focuses on the needs of modern students , creates a special environment where everyone finds their way to learn about the digital world . Prepared winners and participants of district and regional rounds of All-Ukrainian Student Olympiads . Pedagogical credo : “Everyone who stops learning grows old , no matter at the age of 20 or 80 , and those who continue to study stay young . The most important thing in life is to keep your brain young ! »
Alina Panchenko
Second language English teacher , head of the English Drama and German language studios , mentor of the academy students
Education :
She graduated from the National Pedagogical University them . M. _ P. _ Drahomanov, specialization "Teacher of English and German language , foreign literature ". In 2020 , she completed an internship in the Republic of Cyprus , Xenion School, where she mastered the method of teaching the Jolly Phonics program, which she actively uses in her lessons .
Ms. Alina approaches the teaching of her students creatively , focuses on their requests and uses innovative approaches . And Ms. Alina is constantly studying and is happy to share her experience with her students . Pedagogical credo : " Love your student with everyone : talented or not very , happy or sad , calm or restless… Communicate with him , teach and rejoice , because a student is a holiday that lasts as long as you are with him"
Julia Loginova
Customer Service Manager
Education :
A graduate of the National Aviation University, majoring in "Engineer of household electronic equipment . "
She has experience in documentation and organization of operational processes in institutions and establishments .

How everything is arranged here

We have created the perfect space for your child's development and learning

m2 area
Learning areas

Cost of education

From 16500 грн/міс
Entrance fee 7000 грн
  • The main curriculum is from 9:00 to 18:00
  • Age of children from 6-7 to 10-11 years
  • Meals from the menu from a nutritionist
  • 16 children in the class
From 17500 грн/міс
Entrance fee 7000 грн
  • The main curriculum is from 9:00 to 18:00.
  • Age of children from 10-11 to 14-15 years
  • Meals from the menu from a nutritionist
  • 16 children in the class

We answer your questions

What medical care ? Is there a psychologist ?

We have a nurse who monitors the institution’s compliance with all sanitary standards , examines children , if necessary, conducts preventive work to improve the health of children and staff . There is also a psychologist in the staff who supervises students and teachers .

How many children are in groups and is there an individual approach ?

16 students study in the classes , most of the subjects are taught in small groups

What languages do children learn and is it possible to choose another language ?

Children can learn any of the languages listed below : English , German , French

What courses do you offer ?

We have many interesting courses that can be attended by each of our students : English Theater , English Fun, Cooking Art, English Theater , Cooking Art, German , Parle France, Modern Dance, Art & Craft, Music Band, Bead Design , I am a person , Folk Creativity , IT-Smart, Jiu Jitsu , Videoblogging , Chess , Football , Rhetoric , Art of Speaking Beautifully , Business – School

At what level are your research methods and training programs ?

We practice national and international accredited programs

What are the methods of payment and refund ?

Payment is made for the last month in the first payment , so if the contract is terminated – payment for the last month of actual training is not made by parents .

Nutrition : what is the quality of products , cooking , menus and individual needs ?

The menu complies with all state regulations . It is always balanced : at any time of the year we offer a plate of fresh vegetables and fruits , where there are all the necessary trace elements for the child’s body . We also select the diet of an individual diet and so on .

Are there loyalty or discount programs ?

We offer a 5% discount on any additional children who join

What is the process of entering the institution ?

* Fill out the form on our website

* Wait for a call from our administrator

* Take an entrance test ( interview with a psychologist + determine the level of academic training )

Що кажуть батьки?

Слободенюк Анна
Як добре бути батьками, дитина яких ходить до школи із задоволенням! Вже майже рік наш син навчається в Happy Nest School і його та і наше відношення до навчального процесу, вчителів і взагалі до школи дуже змінилося. В нас більше немає думок у п’ятницю або після канікул - «О ні, завтра знову в школу!!!». Щоранку я радію від того, що син іде навчатися до вчителів, які поважають, розуміють і люблять дітей та свою роботу. А це особливо цінуєш, коли є з чим порівняти! Навчальний процес у школі дуже сучасний, життя просто кипить від різноманітних подій, зйомок та свят, до яких залучають і батьків, і бабусь з дідусями, наприклад з якими, враховуючи умови цього року, в «День бабусь і дідусів» провели урок по Зуму, залучивши і старше покоління до світу технологій). Особлива увага надається корисному харчуванню, що також є дуже важливим! А чи знаєте ви що таке білінгвальні уроки? Ми вже знаємо) Дякуємо вам Happy Nest за все, що ви так натхненно і професійно робите!
Нижник Анна
Наші відносини зі школою Happy Nest розпочалися задовго до того, як вона почала своє існування.
Моя донька була однією з перших, хто почала відвідувати щойностворений садочок неповного дня Happy Nest на вул.Козацькій, м.Вишневе. І тоді ми і не могли подумати, що це затягнеться так на довго. З Happy Nest наша родина з 2014 року. Коли садочок неповного дня був на 3 групки по 10 дітей ми мріяли про створення садочка повного дня більшого розміру. Наша мрія збулася та важко було уявити як дитина після середовища любові, розуміння, безпеки, творчості та яскравого простору, буде навчатися в типовій державній школі. Впевнена, засновники проєкту думали так само. Так з‘явилася школа. Перший клас, в який вступила моя дитина був найпершим, можна сказати «пілотним» в нашій школі. І це була велика відповідальність як для адміністрації школи, так і для нас, батьків. Звісно, як і всі першопроходці ми стикалися з труднощами, постійно змінювалося, що не працювало, і вдосконалювалось те, що давало результати.
На сьогодні, моя дитина в 4-му класі. І тільки час покаже правильність нашого вибору. Але зараз,спостерігаючи за дитиною, радію від того, яка вона вільна в своїх проявав, який живий інтерес вона проявляє до тем, що цікавлять, як спілкується з однолітками, як мудро ставиться до різних ситуацій, що відповідальна до уроків і що любить свою школу та сумує, коли її не відвідує.
Конанець Олеся
Хеппі Нест для моїх дітей - це школа, куди діти поспішають кожного ранку із посмішкою, де моїх дітей цінують і поважають, де дітей вчать бути соціально активними
Юлія Переверзєва
Про Happy Nest School можна сказати коротко: сучасно- дружньо до дитини- професійно.
Наша школа- це простір, до якого дитині завжди хочеться йти і в якому приємно бути.
Дитина завжди вмотивована, завжди відчуває те, що вона цікава і потрібна, кожну дитину чують.
В нашій школі дітей вчать співпраці, екологічному ставленню до оточуючого світу,виховують навички здорового способу життя.
Навчання на засадах розвитку життєвих навичок робить наших дітей більш адаптованими до реалій сучасного світу.
В процесі навчання, позаурочних позакласних заходів діти вчаться дружити, піклуватись про ближнього, про тварин; знайомляться з професіями, відкривають себе, знайомляться з світом мистецтва.
Процес навчання побудований так, що діти відчувають себе повноправними громадянами України, які знають історію і традиції нашої країни.
Цінним в нашій школі є те, що на різних рівнях до прийняття рішень залучаються діти, педагогічний колектив, батьки.
Наша школа- це приклад того, як створюються та розвиваються спільноти.
Олександра Тарченко
Happy Nest School стала вторым домом для нашего ребёнка, ведь школа учит не только знаниям, школа учит жизни. Я очень рада, что мы нашли такую школу, в которой ребёнку безопасно (эмоционально и физически), интересно, в которой создано пространство для всестороннего развития личности ребёнка. В школе царит атмосфера уважения, доброты, дружбы. Дети во время учебного процесса создают много разных проектов, познают и исследуют себя и мир вокруг. Важным показателем для нас также является то, что наша дочь всегда с радостью говорит о Happy nest и считает ее лучшей школой. А мы безгранично благодарны всей команде Happy Nest за это!
Олександра Опанасюк
Могу рекомендовать Happy Nest тем родителям, которым важно не отбить интерес детей к процессу обучения) и видеть, как каждый день дети едут в школу с радостью и без стресса)
Школа понравится семьям, где ценностью являются атмосфера школы , практические знания, проектная работа, уважительное отношение к ребенку, прогулки на свежем воздухе, правильное питание , физический комфорт и эмоциональное состояние детей.
Администрация и учителя вовлечены и открыты. У родителей есть доступ к конспектам по каждому уроку. Это облегчает жизнь )) в периоды отсутствия ребенка в школе)
Руководство школы понимает важность внутренних коммуникаций с родителями и детьми и уделяет этому много внимания.
Валентина Тюлькова
З нашою школою ми з самого початку. Happy Nest School дуже подобається нам-батькам, а що найбільш радує, що школа подобається нашим діткам. Ми задоволені всім! Це саме той простір, якого ми прагнули для наших діточок, для їх розвитку! Щиро радимо??

Початкова школа: м. Вишневе (Крюківщина) вул. Освіти, 6
Середня школа: м. Вишневе (Крюківщина) вул. Івана Богуна, 1