The child's stay in kindergarten from 9:00 to 13:00
Classes are held at the branch at:
street _ Cossack, 12
(Montessori group works at:
street _ Education, 6)
Food, light snacks , children bring from home
Age of children: 1.8 - 6/7 years (groups divided by age)


  • We pay a lot of attention to walking on the street .
  • In the green area near Happy Nest there is a playground made of natural materials , where children get the most out of walking . Obstacle course , wooden structures, houses , materials for construction and construction , games with sand and water , a green area all allow you to spend time outdoors having something fun and useful to do .
  • The main activity of children in our institution is play .
  • This means that children learn by playing . The teacher creates an environment for the game , in which the learning process takes place constantly . The
    teacher becomes a constant partner of children in the game , which leads them on the path of Discovery and Knowledge .

The educational program is designed for 4 academic years

Instructors from Canada and Ukraine update the curriculum throughout the year , applying an individual approach to each group .
Groups are divided by age .

Little Stars
age 1.8 - 3 years
Happy Kids 1
age 3-4 years
Happy Kids 2 and Happy Kids 3
age 4-5 and 5-6 / 7 years
Little Stars
In a group of 10-12 children .
There are 2 teachers and an assistant teacher .
Montes c ori - teacher ( specialization - English )
Montes c ori - teacher ( specialization - psychology )
Children study in a specially equipped classroom according to the method of Maria Montessori , which is harmoniously combined with the methods of our institution .

the Montessori group we use 5 main forms of work :

  • Presentation – the teacher demonstrates to the child or group of children how to use this or that educational material correctly .
  • Work in a “circle” – group work and thematic communication of children with the teacher .
  • Independent work of a child with Montessori – material under the supervision of a teacher .
  • Collective creative work .
  • Rhythmically music lessons .
All these types of work are interconnected and complementary .
In order for each child to be able to analyse the material and improve the skills they need , we arrange the materials sequentially , from simple to more complex , using the method of zoning the room .
  • Area of practical skills . Exercises with materials from this area prepare the child for everyday life and help to acquire skills of consideration and polite behavior .
    This corner contains exercises with water , activities for pouring , transferring , sorting, etc.
  • Sensory development zone . Contains materials for exercises to determine the qualities of color , shape , size , weight , temperature , odor , surface structure, etc.
  • Mathematical development zone . The materials of this zone acquaint the child with the basic mathematical concepts according to the child’s age : acquaintance with/understanding of geometric figures and three-dimensional bodies and their qualities , the concepts of “many” , “little” , “less” , “more” , the ratio of quantity to its mathematical symbols .
  • Language development zone . The materials of this area help the child to expand and enrich the vocabulary , learn to use generic concepts , verbs , adjectives , accustoming the hand for writing , develop phonemic hearing and more .
  • Space education zone . Contains materials on natural sciences that help the child to organize the perception of the world around him .
Happy Kids 1
Training is based on the adapted Canadian program .
A developmental space has been created for children .
The study room is divided into activity centers , where much attention is paid to the individual and age characteristics of the development of cognitive , physical , emotional and mental processes of the child .

Group activities

  • Congratulations on a new day . Every morning we meet our pets , do morning exercises , talk about the weather , look at how nature changes every day , enjoy its beauty and give thanks for a new beautiful day .
  • Circle of friends . Teacher and children greet each other as friends , discuss plans for the day , share news , thoughts , feelings , sing favorite songs , learn to think and listen to others , and discuss the topic of the day .
8 centers for individual development of children's interests in the classroom :
  • Home corner ;
  • Table of water experiments and discoveries ;
  • Sand table ;
  • Library and relaxation area ;
  • Area of cubes and other building materials ;
  • Area of scientific research and experiments ;
  • Creativity area ;
  • Area of development of the basics of mathematical and literary literacy .

Each child chooses activities according to their own level of development and interests , which fosters children’s self-confidence and sets them up for success .

The teacher actively observes children , becomes a partner in children’s play ( for young children ), works individually with children in activity centers .

Every day children conduct experiments and experiments .

Work with touch tables .

Group Classes ( included in the mini – garden program ):

  • Logically – cognitive classes – every day
  • Rhythmic – music lessons – once a week
  • Music classes – once a week
  • Sports – every day
  • English – 4 times a week
  • Fun experiments and experiments 3 times a week .

Each group has its own schedule ( Schedule can be found from the group teacher ).

Happy Kids 2 and Happy Kids 3
In the educational process there are daily English lessons .
In addition , for (at least) 2 days a week , the teacher communicates with children exclusively in English .

We work on the Happy Nest program and focus on improving reading and writing skills , development of research , cognitive and creative activities .

Group classes ( included in the mini - garden program ):
  • Classes in preparation for school – every day .
  • Rhythmic – music lessons – once a week .
  • Music lessons – once a week .
  • Sports – every day .
  • English – every day .

English days only in the group Happy Kids 2 ( age 5-6 / 7 years ).

Fun experiments and experiments 3 times a week .

Each group has its own schedule ( for details, please contact the group teacher  ).

We offer

  • High-quality development environment .
  • Methods from specialists from Ukraine and Canada .
  • A variety of natural material in touch tables .
  • Quality wooden toys and didactic material .
  • Balanced 4 -course meal , taking into account the individual characteristics of children .
  • Sports , yoga elements , walks in the fresh air .
  • A playground for different age groups .
  • Individual meetings with parents twice per year.
  • Happy holidays , special days, excursions .
  • Individual consultations with a psychologist and speech therapist .
  • Creative and caring teachers who are constantly improving their skills in specialized trainings , seminars and lectures , as well as engaged in the development of their personality .
  • Written report for parents at the end of each thematic session ( duration of one session is about 2 weeks ).
  • Parenting skills club ( talks , lectures , master classes with specialists ) .
  • Humidifiers and air purifiers in each room .
  • All toys and educational materials are regularly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Video surveillance .

м. Вишневе (Крюківщина) вул. Освіти, 6