We invite everyone to the class: ages 3-12
The class is conducted by choreographer Tatiana Bunina
Class duration - 55 minutes
Groups are divided by age (8-10 children in a group)
Classes are held in the afternoon from Monday to Friday.
Schedule: 2 times a week
(You can find out about the schedule from the administrator of the center)


The basic principle of our work

Identify and develop the child’s creative abilities , provide an opportunity to show their individuality , become bold , confident , artistic , physically and culturally developed personality

The basis of teaching methods

It is based on classes in classical choreography , which is the basis for many dance genres .

For beginners, we establish a comprehensive approach , which includes musical – rhythmic education , the formation of ballet posture , as well as auxiliary and corrective exercises .

We are planning

Create a concert group that will take part in various local entertainment events , as well as concerts , festivals , competitions in Kyiv and Ukraine .

The selection for the concert group will be made by the teacher , taking into account the age , personal achievements , abilities and desires of the child .

Music education

In our classes, children will become acquainted with the best examples of classical music both when performing dances of famous ballets and during classical training .

What does a choreography lesson consist of?

The lesson of classical dance is divided into preparatory , basic and final parts .


  • It consists of parading , running , active , active – passive auxiliary and corrective exercises on the floor .
  • Floor exercises will prepare muscles , ligaments and joints for a classic exercise , correct posture deficiencies .


Traditional classic exercise near the barre and in the middle of the hall .

An important task of the first years of learning choreography is to master the basics of classical dance . Children learn to listen to music , perform dance elements , learn the positions of arms and legs , basic positions at the barre , small dance sketches .

At the same time develops :

  • suppleness of legs , dance step ;
  • correct posture of the body , legs , arms , head ;
  • flexibility , stability , easy high jump , clear coordination of movements .

are elements necessary for the further development of technique and dance skills .


Children come to life , rejoice during the performance of musical and rhythmic games .

Such collective exercises ( games ) strengthen the sense of rhythm and nurture artistry , develop :

  • ability to act according to general rules ;
  • figurative thinking ;
  • imagination and creative imagination .
  • They are based on imitation movements bunny jumps , and reproduce the domestic and labor process ( there is a train , a laundry , mowers, etc. ) .
  • The main characters of the games are your favorite characters from fairy tales , movies and cartoons .
    On the basis of such exercise regimes, playful , humorous dances are born , which become the basis of the repertoire of the dance group .
    And children become co-creators , revealing and developing their acting and creative abilities .
  • In the educational process it is mandatory to perform sketches and productions typical of folk dance .
    After all, the language of dance best acquaints with the culture , traditions and customs of the peoples of the world , expands the worldview of the child .
    And the ability to perform their own national dances cultivates love for the native land and patriotism .

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