Kindergarten of the future . We are the ones who are convinced that we should not go down to the level of a child , but go up

We are a unique, caring and considerate, technically well-equipped, creative Ukrainian – Canadian preschool educational center

Happy Nest Pre – School .

The idea of creating a children’s institution originated in our hearts 15 years ago .

Over the years , thanks to our love for children , our research , our professional development and experience , life lessons and the support of our families , friends and teachers , the idea has become established.

Our kindergarten is a licensed institution , the relevant documents can be viewed at the link

Canadian preschool educational center Happy Nest Pre-School began its work .

  • Our kindergartens ( currently 2 branches are open ), in addition to quality equipment , foreign academic and entertaining interactive resources, European furniture , packed with Ukrainian and Canadian methodology , a huge library , modern information technology . We have highly qualified teachers , acknowledged experts in various sciences , and cheerful , smart , inspired and thought-provoking children’s study .
  • We are the ones who put the world’s best pedagogical achievements into practical experience . We do not teach , but develop such abilities and qualities as thinking , curiosity , creativity , responsibility , respect , kindness and love for ourselves and the world .

Only on the basis of such a foundation do children want to learn , read , count , write and explore the surrounding space and the processes that take place in it .

Our teaching methods

Vasyl Sukhomlynskyi emphasized that the foundations of education are goodness , honor , conscience and dignity .

Isn’t the most important means of education the art of communication between a teacher and children ?

Yes , Humanity , Spirituality of communication – the keys that “open” children’s hearts

Individual approach to the child .
Learning only in the game .
Special didactic material with self-examination .

But Montessori’s basic rule is pedagogy : “Help me do it myself . “

The Living Plan is a combination of Canadian programs and teacher professionalism .

The teacher is specifically guided by the age characteristics of each and every child and daily monitors what they are interested in.

Observations are individual and group . Each group is divided into the following areas : physical , emotional , cognitive and social .

Based on these observations , a professional teacher creates a plan for the following week .

Thus , each child masters all spheres of life as fully as possible

Providing preschoolers with a holistic system of vital knowledge , skills and abilities , education of a harmonious personality .

Children are offered a developmental space created just for them, taking into account their individual level of development and interests . While playing , children study a certain topic while  it remains interesting to them .

Each study is filled with materials, gadgets, gizmos and toys that are frequently changed to ensure diversity

Why you will love Happy Nest Pre-school

We offer many benefits to make your child grow up happy !

Space for development

The aim of the project is to create the necessary environment, conducive to the harmonious physical , spiritual , emotional , social and intellectual development of each child , recognition of their uniqueness , respect for the interests of each participant , developing  honesty and generosity in the younger generation .

Our priorities :
  • Physical development
  • Healthy and healthy food
  • Gaining experience and knowledge through research and experiment
  • Creativity development
  • Children’s understanding of their own emotions , the ability to express their feelings
  • Development through the individual needs of the child
  • Knowledge of the world through nature

Learning English is an integral part of our program .

To effectively learn a foreign language, we use a communicative method of learning English : through cartoons , songs and games .

Additionally, we integrate educational materials such as Family and Friends (Oxford), English Islands (Person), Jolly Phonics.


Toys and educational materials are regularly and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Humidifiers and air purifiers work in every room .

Video surveillance is conducted on the territory .

Cooperation with parents

At the beginning of each school year we set common goals with parents for the further development of the child , hold individual meetings , discuss the success of children and their activities.

We regularly hold joint meetings and training seminars for parents .

If necessary, there is consultation with a child-psychologist .

Menu and food

Four balanced meals a day, taking into account the individual characteristics of children .

We use only quality and fresh products that we buy exclusively from proven suppliers .

How will your child's day go ?

Anna Preparatory class
From 8:00 to 8:45 meeting in the yard .
There is also the opportunity to play with friends outdoors for 45 minutes under the supervision of a teacher or his assistant .
Sergey Preparatory class
Then at 8:45 at the reception every day I am greeted with a smile by the administrator and my favorite teacher . He always asks how I'm doing and says something nice . I join the group already joyful .
Sasha Preparatory class
a box full of materials and toys , there is something interesting and new every day , I can't wait to start playing .
The teacher invites you to breakfast at 9:00 . Breakfast is brought to us in a group . This is the most delicious food for me : it's either pancakes with jam , or cheesecakes , or my favorite milk porridge with dried fruit .
March Preparatory class
After breakfast the morning circle will begin . I love this circle ! We always sing , talk , do tasks , sort out responsibilities for the day . Today I plan to be in charge of looking after the plants and the aquarium. This is a responsible matter . There are many different "professions" in our group , and every day I choose a new one . During the circle we learn not only to read , count ( because I am 6 years old ), but to explore , make friends , sympathise and think .
Elena Preparatory class
Then , after the morning round , we have a full day full of work in our centers of activity ( there are centers of mathematics , design , reading , writing , the world around us , role-playing games , sensory center ), and before that English , music , sports classes almost every day .
Sergey Preparatory class
My favorite part is a walk . We often go on excursions , to parks , to the school playground . We have the opportunity to explore the world as much as we need to . Even in rainy weather, educators put raincoats on us - and we play a lot ! It's very fun and useful ! Before the walk, the chef always treats us to lunch , as we call it . Mostly fruit . They are always different and there are many of them .
Darinka Preparatory class
Our teacher very often writes down something . The educator keeps a journal of observations and tells our parents about our successes during individual meetings . It's time for lunch . We catch fragrant aromas and understand that we are waiting for borsch , porridge and delicious lyulya - kebab . I wonder what the salad will be like ?
Sergey Preparatory class
After a delicious dinner we always read . We have a lot of books , and educators instill in us a love of literature . After reading you always want to relax . We rest for 1.5 hours , and younger groups - 2. In our bedroom, we always fall asleep , so we have a lot of energy for the evening .

Our teachers

Mrs. Yaroslava
CEO , founder and author of Nest Education
Mrs. Xenia
curator of "Preschool Education" .
Mrs. Dasha
Mrs. Olga
manager of administrative issues
Mrs. Victoria
Mrs. Lina
Пані Тетяна
Mrs. Oksana
Mrs. Alla
Mrs. Elena
Mrs. Catherine
English teacher
Mrs. Tatiana
choreographer , head of the ballet studio
Mrs. Svetlana
Mrs. Victoria
Mrs. Yaroslava
CEO , founder and author of Nest Education
Mrs. Xenia
curator of "Preschool Education" .
Education :
She has a higher pedagogical education . Extensive experience as a teacher and methodologist . She is a co-author of the educational program "Sure Start" , has a silver award "Heart and Swan" , a certified teacher of humane education , student of Shalva Amonashvili
Mrs. Dasha
Education :
Ms. Dasha graduated from the Kyiv National Linguistic University with a degree in French , English and Foreign Literature .
Works with preschoolers ! She has 13 years of experience in preschool institutions . She loves to travel and learn new things, and embodies new knowledge in working with children . Believes that everything you do must be done with love , this is the only way to achieve success and results !
Mrs. Olga
manager of administrative issues
Education :
Ms. Olga is not only a high-class administrative specialist , but also an excellent teacher by education and vocation . Ms. Oli's life credo : "Love life , cherish every minute , bring joy , seek truth in books , wisdom in people" !
Mrs. Victoria
Education :
Kremenets Regional Humanitarian and Pedagogical Institute named after Taras Shevchenko, specialty "Educator of preschool education" and "Instructor of physical education of preschool children .
Ms. Victoria has extensive experience working with preschool children and received a certificate of advanced training to category 2 .
Mrs. Lina
Education :
She has a diploma with honors in "Social Child Psychology" , pays special attention to the study of positive psychology
She embodies his additional creative potential in working with children , thus instilling in them the ability to see all the colors of the world through creativity .
Пані Тетяна
Education :
A graduate of Kyiv National University T. _ Mr. _ Shevchenko , specialty "Teacher of social sciences and humanities" , the second specialty - "Preschool education and speech therapy" .
Ms. Tatiana is interested in art , history , architecture , loves to visit theaters , museums , exhibitions and films .
Mrs. Oksana
Education :
Higher education in the specialties "Preschool Teacher" , "Primary School Teacher" , "Practical Psychologist" , "Financier"
Ms. Oksana's life principles : "The greatest value is family , the greatest love in life is children , the most important feeling is gratitude , the greatest achievement is friendship . "
Mrs. Alla
Education :
Mrs. Alla is a preschool teacher with extensive experience , a certified specialist in all areas of child development .
Ms. Alla's life credo : "The future must be beautiful , so today is the day on which our" tomorrow "depends !
Mrs. Elena
Education :
Higher education at the National Pedagogical University
Ms. Olena has extensive experience with preschool children . She is constantly learning , mastering new methods and techniques every month . Favorite teacher of our graduates .
Mrs. Catherine
English teacher
Education :
Ms. Kateryna graduated from Donetsk National University with a degree in International Relations
Mrs. Kateryna has extensive experience working with children . In her work , in addition to well-known methods , Ms. Kateryna uses a communicative method of learning English , which gives very good results among our preschoolers .
Mrs. Tatiana
choreographer , head of the ballet studio
Education :
She graduated from the Voronezh State Choreographic School . She graduated from the National Pedagogical University them . M. _ P. _ Драгоманова . She graduated from the Institute of Arts .
Ms. Tatiana worked as a Ballet Dancer from 1985 to 1998 in the State Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of Ukraine . She took part in numerous concerts and mass performances of the most famous choreographers and directors - directors at the best concert venues in Ukraine, along with outstanding performers of classical and pop art . Since 2007 she has been working as a choreography teacher in early development centers and a choreographic kindergarten with children aged 2-6 . Since 2010 she has been working as a teacher of classical choreography for adults .
Mrs. Svetlana
She has extensive experience working with preschool children and children with special educational needs . Svetlana has two adult children , so she finds common ground with our pets from the first minutes of acquaintance . Ms. Svitlana loves to learn and master new horizons .
Mrs. Victoria
Ms. Victoria loves to work with children and has a lot of experience . It is the children who inspire Victoria to their own creative development and self-realization . She loves to cook and share this love with children . Travel , music and art help Victoria move forward and achieve new goals .

How everything is arranged here

We strive to create the perfect environment for your child's development with a high level of quality and safety

m2 area
Languages to study
children in a group

The cost of visiting

Full day program
New customers 12000 грн/міс
Regular customers 10500 грн/міс
  • The main training program from 8:00 to 19:00
  • Age of children 2.5 - 6/7 years ( age groups )
  • 4 meals a day from the menu of a nutritionist
  • In a group of up to 11 children
Part-time program
New customers 5500 грн/міс
Regular customers 5000 грн/міс
  • The child's stay in kindergarten from 9:00 to 13:00
  • Age of children : 1.8 - 6/7 years ( groups divided by age )
  • Children bring snacks from home
  • In a group of up to 11 children

We answer your questions

What kind of medical care is there in the kindergarten ?

There is a nurse in the kindergarten . The nurse monitors the compliance of the institution with all sanitary norms , examines children , if necessary, conducts preventive work to improve the health of children and the whole team .

How many children are in groups ?

In groups of 11 children . In junior groups there are 2 teachers per group .

What is the provision of children with physical training ?

In the kindergarten, we pay much attention to the physical aspect . The kindergarten has a separate room for sensory integration , where children spend a lot of time every day . In this room , in addition to sports equipment , there are swings of various kinds , hammocks , soft blocks , balance weights. All this enables each child to develop their physical skills fully and effectively

The full-day kindergarten has two rooms for sports and choreography . There are also large sports facilities and a garden in the yard . Children spend about 2 hours a day outdoors . In spring – summer, this time increases significantly . Kindergarten teachers are well-versed in all of the needs of children of different ages, which is why they create a harmonious and properly organized developmental environment that promotes the socialization of the child ,
affecting all aspects of their development .

What languages do children learn and is it possible to choose another language ?

In kindergarten, we follow the idea of learning one foreign language . Therefore, we pay great attention to the English language .

What is the level of security of your kindergarten ?

Our kindergarten has video surveillance in all rooms and in the yard . To maintain the health of children , each room is equipped with humidifiers and quartz lamps . Some rooms have special

air-conditioning units . Each teacher has undergone training in first aid. Specially created small children’s groups allow each teacher to keep all children in sight .

What additional activities can you offer ?

popular among girls from 3 years old . Among the boys – jiu – jitsu classes . For all children we also offer classes in art studios of the school . These can be masters of drawing , music , vocals , robotics . Studies are updated annually according to the requests of parents .

What are the payment methods ?

Payment is made immediately after signing the contract . Under the terms of the contract, payment must be made by the 5th of the following month .

Payment is made to the current account . This allows parents to collect payment receipts as needed and join the various concessional programs offered by our state .

Is there a refund in case of illness / refusal to study further ?

All the conditions under which the contract can be terminated are very detailed in the clauses of the contract itself , and are discussed at a joint meeting before signing it .

Nutrition : what is the quality of products , cooking , menus and individual needs ?

Our kindergarten is famous for the expression among children : “Delicious , like my grandmother . ” Children’s trust in us is very important , so we pay a lot of attention to nutrition . Nutrition for us is not only about how to feed a child , but also about teaching a child the culture of healthy eating .

We select the menu in accordance with the norms of the healthy development of the child , count calories and nutrients , add creativity and love from the chef , and you get incredibly tasty dishes .

If necessary, with a certificate from a doctor, we create an individual menu . All parents can visit us and taste any dish to make sure that their children ‘s health is in safe hands .

Are there loyalty and discount programs ?

Yes .

For children who study with us from  more than  one year , there is a reduced monthly fee for kindergarten . We also offer a 5% discount on any additional children who join.

Що кажуть батьки?

Дорогие девочки – воспитатели !
Спасибо за Ваши теплые сердца, за искренние солнечные улыбки, за настоящую чистую любовь к деткам!
Ви с порога встречаете детей ласково и уважительно. С первых минут ребенок понимает, что он Ваш друг. Это очень для него комфортно и придает уверенности во всем на целый день!
Вместе с ребенком вечером путешествовала вся семья, т.к. много впечатлений было у путешественницы.
Очень большой плюс, что ребенок знал весь коллектив по именам с первых дней, и почувствовал любовь от всех!
Не могу не сказать про фразу «Нас так красиво кормят!»
Просто без слов…
Нам очень приятно с Вами познакомится! Сохраняйте в себе эти изюминки, ласковые лучики солнца и ежеминутное желание раскрывать окошки в жизнь маленьким человечкам!
Світлана Дерда Бугай
Дуже класний садочок рекомендую всім!!! Педагоги - професіонали. Дякую вам!!!
Семья Сивер
В преддверии выпускного очень захотелось сказать слова благодарности 
От всей нашей семьи, хотим поблагодарить весь коллектив за возможность быть частичкой огромной, дружной, доброй, отзывчивой семьи под названием Хеппи Нест. Для нас эти два года были полны открытий, множеством поводов для гордости, радости, изумления, слез радости 
Спасибо Вам за ваш нелегкий труд, за наше ощущение спокойствия и доверия ко всему происходящему в центре, за то, что Вы трудитесь во имя Ребенка и его личности, за то, что на собственном примере демонстрируете, что мир может быть добрым, за то, что показываете, как одна улыбка или комплимент от чистого сердца может изменить человека. Спасибо за возможность понимать, как утроен наш мир и взаимодействие между людьми, за развитие в ребенке сильных сторон и корректировке слабых, за то, что не нагружаете ненужными знаниями детские умы. Спасибо за Вашу заботу и любовь!
Отдельную искреннюю благодарность хотим выразить Ярославе, без сильного, вдохновляющего лидера ничего бы не работало. Хотим пожелать не останавливаться на достигнутом, вдохновения. Родителей, находящихся с Вами на одной волне, продолжать нести в мир добро и любовь. Ми вас очень любим!
Юлия Калугина
Очень благодарны нашему садику, его руководству и педагогам! Один из не многих садиков, в котором соответствие качества и стоимости, как получают, так и вкладывают, развиваются, расширяться, благоустраиваются, удобно, симпатично, качественно любят наших детей!
Мы второй год в Хеппи Несте!
Выбирала ребенку школу, вчера побывала в школе Кадетство, так вот там грязные отбитые тарелки, которые тяжело уже даже на барахолке у бабушек найти, обписяные туалеты с самой паршивой туалетной бумагой и ее отсутствием, ржавчина, грибки, отсутствии отопления в душевых. Про интерьер и мебель я вообще молчу и все это стоит 11 тыс. грн в месяц! А потом еще и Фреймут посмотрела, она там побывала оказывается…ужас!
После таких экскурсий еще больше будем ценить наш сад!
Рекомендуем всем!!!
Галина Іванкова
Ви такі молодці‼️? Мій Георгій кожного дня у захваті від всього того, що відбувається у садочку❤️
Дякую вам?
Анна Федосова
Я в этом убеждаюсь снова и снова, наши девочки из Happy Nest умнички!
Желаю им держать марку! И продолжать в том же духе!
Сана Воронова
Як у вас там цікаво!!! Хочу до вас в садочок!!!
Ангелина Шимченко
Мой Давид с удовольствием ходит в сад третий год. Практически не болеет, а если и остается дома на пару дней, то хочет поскорее быть здоровым! Для меня такое отношение ребенка к саду хороший аргумент в его пользу.
Ірина Ковальчук
В очередной раз убеждаюсь, какой правильный выбор мы сделали в пользу Happy Hest??????
Воспитатели - ❤️❤️❤️
Анна Федосова
Я в этом убеждаюсь снова и снова , наши девочки из Happy Nest умнички! Желаю им держать марку !) и продолжать в том же духе!
Ирина Крепель
Да, наш Хеппі Нест –лучший садик в округе
Ольга Микитчук
Дякуємо! Так виглядає щасливе дитинство у неймовірному садочку!
Мама Червоненко Андрея ,мама Шамкало Александри
Сегодня Вы нас пригласили на Новогодний праздник! Как всегда креативно !интересно! весело! душевно и с любовью! Мы ходили к вам 1.5 года и благодаря вашему учению нам легко учиться в 1-м классе. Легко с английским , математикой ,письмом .Хорошая коммуникация и кругозор .Учителя хвалят ребенка он умеет учиться! Огромная благодарность за ваши методики, систему обучения! Спасибо !
Выпусникики 2015-2016 г.
Алена Канюка
В цьому садочку щиро люблять, чують діток і батьків. Прекрасний педагогічний склад, насичена програма навчання, багато тематичних свят і можливостей дитині проявити свої таланти в різних видах діяльності.
Дуже щаслива, що моі діти вчаться саме в Хеппи Нест. Діти (2 і 8 років) щасливі і залюбки відвідують садок і школу. Рахую , що це лідери серед приватних садочків і шкіл. Абсолютно всім задоволена - робочий процес,індивідуальний підхід до кожної дитини, прекрасні викладачі,харчування, умови.В Хеппи Нест є можливість дитині розкритися, тут дитина стає впевненішою і розкутішою.Дуже вдячна керівництву за такі можливості для дітей, тут видно , що все зроблено і робиться з любов’ю !!!
Татьяна Сивер
Второй дом :)

Это сад, где ребёнок Личность, где интересно учиться, играть, развиваться:) ребёнок до сих пор вспоминает о саде с теплотой:) Хоть по месторасположению были заведения и ближе, но сразу как я зашла в Хепи Нест, поняла - это то что я искала. Качественный ремонт, игрушки и развивающий материал известных фирм, меню только из экологически чистых продуктов, можно ещё много говорить о материальных составляющих, но самое главное для меня было - отношение к ребёнку и принципы воспитания - гуманная педагогика. Я сколько времени провела в ожидании ребёнка, ни разу не наблюдала, чтобы кто-то с персонала разговаривал с малышами с позиции взрослый - ребёнок ( сила - слабость) - только диалог между личностями . И это круто ! Один минус, после сада не нашла школу, где бы что- то подобное воплощалось в жизнь. Поэтому жду с нетерпением , когда откроется школа Хепи Нест ;)