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Навчання двома мовами: англійською та українською

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Nest Education is a quality education, comprehensive development, life skills and respect for the needs of the child

Nest Education is a space for development , discovery and achievement .
This is a community that has been building a successful educational system for 7 years , using the best international learning experience , while maintaining the positive principles of national education .
Our children gain not only knowledge , but also practical skills that will help them be successful , happy and ready for their needs of the future .

Our institutions

In all four of our institutions we implement high standards of education , safety and technological development , creating a positive and comfortable climate .

  • Pre-School

    The aim of the project is to create the necessary environment conducive to the harmonious physical , spiritual , emotional , social and intellectual development of each child , recognition of their uniqueness , respect for the interests of each participant , education of honesty and generosity .

    Our students learn by playing . The teacher creates an environment for games , in which the learning process takes place constantly .

    The teacher becomes a partner of the children and guides them through the knowledge of the world through discoveries and experiments .

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  • Nest Academy

    Nest Academy is an education institution for children from 6 to 17 years old .

    Primary school – for students of grades 1-4 .

    Secondary school – for students of 5-9 grades .

    Senior school – for students of 10-12 grades .

    We are implementing progressive methods of the flagship countries : Canada , Finland and Singapore .

    We accompany the child , see in each student a person , respect their interests and develop abilities through comprehensive methods of studying subjects , integrate subjects for in-depth research and in-depth knowledge of the world .

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  • Online School

    Nest Academy online is a professional school where students can participate in online lessons , classes with a psychologist , unloading physical classes , consultations as needed , group communication hours . We have three years of positive experience of online learning , the results of training and independent testing fully confirm this . Online lessons , webinars , consultations in small groups

    In-depth study of English

    Language clubs with native speakers from Canada , Britain , America .

    Individual support of students by mentors

    State-standard documents because the school has a license

    Online events , marathons , conversations and meetings with interesting people .

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  • Summer Camp

    Unforgettable and bright summer for events !

    Themed weeks , fascinating discoveries of change , traditions of international camps , interesting meetings , exciting journeys and excursions !

    Opportunity to learn English together with others through the game and language environment !

    The summer camp takes place in July and August . Full-time and part-time programs are offered .

    The camp takes place in different locations : in the school building , in the school yard , in the park , in the woods , near the lake .

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Our values

It is on these principles that all our learning is based :

  • Respect for the personality of each individual
  • Trust that creates a special environment in which you want to grow and give your best
  • Consciousness and responsibility for our lives and the future of our planet
  • Empathy is the ability to feel the needs of others and help them
  • Confidence , which allows you to see the world wider , with all its manifestations and possibilities
  • Cooperation and partnership through open interaction with all members of the community
  • Physical and emotional health

Our goals

We have created a unique educational project for our students to :

  • We have created a unique educational project for our students to :
    • Encourage lifelong learning and love the learning process
    • Give comprehensive knowledge and learn to use it in life
    • Discover the abilities and potential of each child
    • Teach to effectively use the technologies and opportunities of the modern world
    • Develop emotional intelligence and flexible skills

    Learning is an exciting journey !

    The main principle : relish the challenges and believe in every child !


Brain Based Learning is a teaching method , curriculum , lesson plan based on the latest research on how the brain works .

Recent research in neuroscience , which we take into account in the educational process of our school :

  • Training can be influenced by diet , exercise , stress and other conditions .
  • Certain emotional states can make learning easier or worse .
  • Continuous concentration is maintained by the child for only 10 minutes .
  • The brain remembers better what it understands .

Our learning spaces are creative and dynamic , motivating students to research , develop , discover and achieve .

The learning process in our school goes beyond the classroom or laboratory .

It can take place in additional spaces for cooperation : at high tables or on the carpet , in different age groups or individually , sitting in a high chair . Even on the school terrace and in the green classroom, conditions are created for an exciting process of learning about the world.

Knowledge of neuropsychology is necessary in the field of modern pedagogy .

Our teachers are trained in the development of sensory integration , neuropsychology and neurocorrection . This helps us to create an effective environment where the child will develop in the best conditions for him or herself .


For this purpose, sensory centers have been set up in the institutions , and special zones of silence and learning have been set up . Shared classrooms are also designed so that each child feels comfortable and develops at their own pace .

We actively use the project methodology during the cycle of continuous research based on the PYP (IB – World) International Baccalaureate program.

Students work in small and large groups , where they perform tasks on the research cycle . In this way, each of them reveals their most successful aspects : learns to plan , hypothesize , propose solutions , search , sort and work with information , draw conclusions , perform practical tasks that reproduce situations close to life .

Thus , all the knowledge and skills children acquire is by immersing themselves in an exciting process .

No matter how many times we explain how to use a microscope and show its drawings – it will not matter until the child picks it up . The child must feel its shape , weight , surface to understand the principle of operation .


In our school, students are close to objects and subjects . Teachers encourage students to work actively and teach them through research and experimentation .

Benefits of Nest Education

Space for development

– Developmental

– Creative

– Safe

– Convenient

– Ecological

– Technological

– Multifunctional


Training is focused on the development of practical skills .
Through interesting and practical activities, teachers encourage children to experiment and research .

We use these methods to provide instruction and development to teachers during seminars and trainings with our international consultants , as well as during internships abroad .


All facilities are equipped with video surveillance , remote control and fire alarm . Our premises are fully air-conditioned

All furniture and finishing materials are environmentally friendly and have quality certificates .

The territory is protected .

Menu and food

The menu for children is made by professional nutritionists taking into account the needs of the child’s well-being.

We also offer healthy snacks with lots of vegetables and fruits .

We buy only quality products from proven suppliers .


In kindergarten, English is taught through engines, toys, equipment, objects, songs and games .
For school-age children, we offer 5 to 8 hours of English per week , native language clubs , a bilingual learning format for subjects such as Science and Mathematics .

-developed network of language studios that allows you to learn the language in various forms – and all this is included in the cost of the basic training package !
It is possible to choose a second language to study : German , Spanish or French .

Control and coordination

We offer modern services and platforms for interaction with parents , convenient diaries of success , regular individual meetings to discuss the development of the child .

We use :

  • School Today
  • ClassDojo
  • Microsoft Office 365


Дитячий Садочок Happy Nest: м.Вишневе (Крюківщина) вул. Освіти, 6
Початкова школа Nest Academy: м.Вишневе (Крюківщина) вул. Освіти, 6
Середня школа Nest Academy: м.Вишневе (Крюківщина) вул. Івана Богуна, 1
Nest Weekend School: м.Вишневе (Крюківщина) вул. Освіти, 6 / м.Вишневе (Крюківщина) вул. Івана Богуна, 1
Nest Summer Camp: м.Вишневе (Крюківщина) вул. Освіти, 6 / м.Вишневе (Крюківщина) вул. Івана Богуна, 1